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Surely all sports lovers know or at least have heard about the Kayak, but what we probably will not know is the wide variety of modalities that it offers us. At SportSpanish we want to help you to know everything about kayaking in a simple way.


Doing a bit of history, kayak comes from the Inuit word “Qajaq” that anthropologists say means ” clothes to walk in the water “. It is difficult to know exactly, but the concept and design of these boats have thousands of years. In those times they manufactured them with what they could (bones, skins and woods) and they were a vital element since the kayaks were their means of hunting, fishing, and transport.

At the end of the 19th century, the Scot John Mcgregor recovered the kayak with an adventurous rocket. This sport began to grow although it was the concept of removable kayak designed by Klepper that revolutionized it by creating a resistant boat and within reach of many people. That was the beginning of the competitive sport and in 1924 it began at the Paris Olympics as an exhibition sport.


The Kayak provides an enormous comfort: the contact with the water, it’s sound and the feeling as you flow on the surface will make you live a unique experience.

The paleo is an intrinsic and repetitive movement, requires some attention to not lose the pace or direction. That concentration in now and in the next stroke, makes you empty your mind and only think about the present and its sensations.

Another aspect of the kayak that surpasses it as a sport, is that it is a boat that reaches places where many others can not: caves, narrow passages, areas with only a handful of water, places with reefs and literally touching cliff walls. This side of kayaking awakens your ecological side.


There are different modalities in always depending on the type of the boat, the aquatic surface on which the sport is developed, and the number of people riding on the boat.

In the leisure field you can distinguish between different types of kayak:

  • Recreation
  • Whitewater (usually 1 person)
  • Sea (1-2 people)
  • Folding (1-3)
  • Inflatable (1-3)
  • Rodeo / play (1)
  • Self-emptying / sit on top (1-2)
  • Surf (1)


KayaksOnline offers a wide variety of self-emptying and recreational kayaks. Search, compare and buy a recreational kayak that best suits your needs. The self-empty kayaks are watertight and therefore unsinkable, are kayaks in which it is easy to go from kayak to water or water to kayak, are undoubtedly the safest and for them the most demanded in terms of kayaking or recreation. In this section, you will find different types of self-emptying kayaks for walking or recreation.

Some of their recreational kayaks carry the pre-installation for rod and electric motors, being very versatile kayaks since in a few seconds and with a few extra accessories we can turn them into fishing kayaks.

Taking advantage of the arrival of good weather we encourage you to practice and discover all the possibilities of this sport

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