As an avocado every day without fear of fattening and these are my reasons

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As an avocado every day without fear of fattening and these are my reasons

It is possible that, since the avocado is a food rich in fat and very caloric, many of you have also heard that. The reality is that I eat avocado every day without fear of fattening, for these reasons.

It is rich in healthy fats

Indeed, the avocado is very rich in fast food. But it is not any type of fat, but in perfectly healthy fats for our body. It has a high content of vegetable oils and monounsaturated fats, oleic acid and omega 3.

Not all fats have the same effect on our body and while we would have to stay away from saturated and trans fats, it is highly recommended that monounsaturated fats be part of our diet since, among other things, they will help control our levels of cholesterol.

It can help us lose weight

Indeed, the avocado is a very caloric food and, even so, contrary to what is believed, it can help us lose weight instead of making us fat. Mainly, it is due to the effect that the avocado has when we use it to substitute other less healthy fats.

Among other things, it helps us to feel more satiated, reduces the feeling of hunger and makes us eat less than usual. In addition, it keeps glucose levels stable. If we want to lose weight, the avocado is a great ally.

Reduces the desire for trans and saturated fats

Dieting or starting to eat healthier, away from ultra-processed foods, can mean that for a while we feel a certain monkey for greasy and strong foods such as hamburgers, chips and other saturated fats.

Consuming avocado can help us get rid of that desire for fats and, thus, not boycott our new style of eating.

It is delicious and it is very versatile

The last, but most important of the reasons is that I love its taste and texture and, in addition to helping the well-being of my heart, my nervous system and my muscular state, it can be used in innumerable recipes, sweet or salty at any time of the day

We can use it at breakfast, on toast, in salads, accompanying other foods such as tartar and even in desserts to replace other fats such as butter, for a healthier fat. In short, the avocado is a green jewel.

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