Beach training: five exercises you can do in the sea and in the sand

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Beach training: five exercises you can do in the sea and in the sand

For those who do not want to stop training, in this article we teach you five exercises that you can perform on the same beach next to the sand and the sea.


To correctly do push-ups choose a surface as for regular as possible, and place your body as if it were aboard. If you were seen from above your elbows should form an angle of about 45 degrees with respect to your body, that is, it is a mistake to open the elbows up to 90 degrees.


For the performance of strides, you must choose a clear area in front of you that allows you to go stride after stride without any obstacle that prevents you. Depending on the position of our foot in relation to our knee we can have more influence on knee extension or hip extension, so we will emphasize more in the quadriceps or gluteus. Since this is a general workout, we will place the foot just below our knee.


To perform the squat begins by driving your hips back, tilting your weight towards the heels and accompanying the rest of the movement with the bend of the knees. If you have enough mobility to overcome 90 degrees, do it without raising your heels, knees collapsing in valgus or your lumbar spine flexing.

In this guide is everything you should know about squats.


Decompose the movement into five parts and make sure to dominate each one separately. Practice the squat with your body weight, the squat thrust, the position of the iron or plank, the bending of arms and the vertical jump landing with the tips of your feet. Once you have all the exercises dominated, it’s time to join them in one complete movement.

During the execution of the burpees keep your core activated to improve the transmission of forces between your lower and upper train. This can save you time and fatigue.

Sprints on the shore

Finally, we can also perform sprints both in the sand and slightly submerged in the water so that it offers resistance.

It is important to perform a good technique since the sprints are not just running as fast as possible. Our eyesight must go to the front, our knees must rise enough in each stride and our arms must be synchronized with our legs to improve the momentum of these.

Including this exercise in our routines on the beach can help us add a more cardiovascular component to training.

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