Because women become “BIG” to make weights

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Because women become “BIG” to make weights

When we train, more than 90% of the changes we have concern the displacement of liquids from inside to outside the cell in an optimal training condition, the muscle cell goes simultaneously to both myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, In short, we talk about intracellular fluid with a slight reduction of extracellular fluid.

It happens instead that many women when they train extracellular fluid in the gym, which makes one of the main blemishes for women such as orange peel skin, for example, prevail over the intracellular one. Why does this happen?

  1. women start to train too intensely AND too often because the way to think is that the more they train the better, so you see them 4-5 times a week and then they don’t come anymore.
  2. they put themselves on a diet, passing suddenly from a high-calorie diet to a low-calorie diet
  3. they do not get enough protein and carbohydrates, leading to protein malnutrition.

In this context, training with overloads has an inflammatory effect on the muscle cells which causes recall of fluids in the extracellular compartment. This creates swelling on the thighs and arms. The woman sees herself bigger and stops using weights.

In my daily practice of personal training in Catania, a careful body analysis through skin fold and impedance allows me to evaluate the best training for the woman in front of me because not everyone can train in the same way and with the same intensity. Elia roughly a 2/3 times a week workout (To begin with) is the best solution and above all, it is more than enough to have good effects.

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