Every Star Sign Should Pay Attention to This!

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Every Star Sign Should Pay Attention to This!

Not all signs of the zodiac are the same. And of course, every sign of the zodiac has other health weaknesses. Here we tell you what you are particularly susceptible to.


Astromedically, ibexes are assigned the skeleton and the knees. Arthrosis, different joint wear and tear and polyarthritis are typical diseases.

In addition to a restriction of mobility, the constriction of vessels is also a typical ibex ailment. The latter can be favoured by their pronounced ambition and perfectionism.

The skin as a delimiting organ is also very sensitive. As a result, Capricorns can suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, which can be interpreted as a demarcation to the outside world. The constant self-control of the ibex can also favour stomach hypersensitivity and the formation of gallstones.

Furthermore, neuroses are not uncommon in people with this sign of the zodiac. For example, compulsive acts such as excessive washing or extremely tight structures can occur. Some Capricorns are also plagued to a high degree by depression in combination with self-criticism. He tries to fight this with restlessness and work mania, which in turn can lead to sleepless nights, workaholism and the inability to simply let go.


Astromedically, mermen are assigned lower legs and ankles. Diseases of the nervous system and hyperactivity are typical complaints of this zodiac sign. Varicose veins, circulatory disorders in the legs and cardiac arrhythmia are also attributed to Uranus.

Aquarius often suffers from allergies (pollen, grasses, animal hair) and food intolerances, such as an allergy to wheat or intolerances to barley, rye, spelt and gluten.

Other typical ailments of this zodiac sign are, for example, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), neurological diseases, hyper- or hypothyroidism and unstable vessels.

It is extremely important for Aquarius to improve its self-perception. Only then can any pain and diseases that occur be adequately recognised.


Astromedically, feet are assigned to the pisces. Feet ground, carry and bring us humans into contact with the material world. And this is exactly what pisces need: a very conscious grounding.

The large intestine is a weak point of pisces-born beings. Food intolerances such as those of cow’s milk, yeast, white sugar and glutamate are not uncommon for this zodiac sign.

The skin as a delimiting organ is another weakness of this zodiac sign as well as the ear, especially the inner ear. This is why pisces often suffer from dizziness or Meniere’s disease (inner ear disease with associated dizziness and ringing in the ears).

Pisces are very sensitive and therefore extremely susceptible to viruses and infections and do not have a particularly strong immune system.

This zodiac sign certainly cannot be described as a hypochondriac. It is even sometimes frighteningly hard on itself.

Rest is always good when the body is weakened. A retreat, on the other hand, does pisces anything but good.


Astromedically, rams are assigned the head. Since this zodiac sign literally wants to get through the wall with its head, they often suffer from wounds, inflammations, gallstone colic, cramps, sleep disorders and hot flushes. Headaches, sinusitis and nervousness also frequently plague Aries-born children.

As this sign of the zodiac is by nature resistance-oriented and does not like to accept tips from others, their treatment is usually difficult. They often ignore symptoms as long as possible.

Should it not work without therapy, the Aries believes that it should go quickly and make them fit again for their beloved sport within a very short time.


Astromedically, taurus are assigned mouth, gullet and esophagus, neck and throat. Common diseases of bulls are inflammation of the vocal cords and larynx, digestive problems or a stiff neck.

Overweight, diabetes mellitius, high blood pressure and elevated blood lipid levels are among the diseases that can occur with this zodiac sign. However, there are numerous taurus that are bursting with health and vitality.

The insight to change one’s life for the sake of health and to abstain from alcohol, caffeine or sugar, for example, is rather far from the taurus. He feels strong enough to endure the one or other ailment.


Astromedically, gemini are assigned trachea and lung as well as arms and hands. Diseases like bronchitis, pleurisy or pneumonia, allergic asthma and infectious diseases are typical for this zodiac sign.

Gemini have sensitive nerves, often suffer from allergies and are sensitive to caffeine, teaine and sodium glutamate. Coffee does not wake them up gently, but makes them nervous and unfocused.

People born under this zodiac sign can suffer from different forms of depression. Gemini find it very difficult to accept illness, but they face it intellectually after a certain period of repression. Therefore they prefer forms of therapy that are comprehensible to them.


Astromedically, cancers are classified as breast, stomach, lymphatic system, ovaries, testicles and stomach. And it is precisely in these areas that they are particularly susceptible to disease.

No zodiac sign reacts so sensitively to excessive strain and stress, especially with the stomach. Female cancers have very sensitive breasts and often suffer from cysts, hardening and storage of lymphatic fluids.

This zodiac sign does not want to be seen as a hypochondriac. That is why they tend to suppress any feeling of illness. In principle, warmth and rest are the best help for cancer recovery.


Astromedically, the heart is assigned to Leuven. From an astromedical point of view, angina pectoris, cardiac dysrhythmias or angina pectoris are among the possible diseases of this zodiac sign.

Even though Leo-born people are usually extremely self-confident and confident, this zodiac sign also has to struggle with depression. Especially when they are unable to live out their abundant expressiveness or when they no longer feel beautiful, young and fit.

Lions are not good at dealing with illness, old age and death anyway. Therefore they simply ignore symptoms of illness. A little more attention is certainly in order.


Astromedically, virgo are assigned to small and large intestines. The intestine of virgo-born is very sensitive. Therefore they often suffer from polyps, irritable bowel, constipation and diarrhoea.

In addition, food intolerances such as cow’s milk protein, white sugar, yeast, roasting agents, caffeine or glutamate can occur in virgo. Basically, virgo who suffer from sleep deprivation, intestinal, respiratory and skin problems should consider a change of diet.

Rheumatic diseases or overreactions to vaccinations and medication can also plague this zodiac sign. But they do not have to.


Astromedically, libra are assigned to the lumbar region, kidneys, bladder and skin as contact organs. Problems and disappointments literally go to the kidneys of this zodiac sign and manifest themselves in the form of kidney pain or inflammation.

Bladder infections or skin changes often plague Libra-born children.

This zodiac sign likes to ignore problems and symptoms of illness until it is no longer possible.

For Libra sufferers, bowing to an illness means weakness. However, they are only too happy to receive visits from the sick. They appreciate good distraction and entertainment.


Astromedically, scorpions are assigned to sexual organs, large intestine and rectum. The intensity with which the zodiac sign acts can often promote high blood pressure or put pressure on the vessels.

Intestinal diseases such as cysts or polyps can also occur more frequently with scorpions. The fact that this zodiac sign is anything but timid with itself can promote skin diseases or depression.

Scorpions have a fighter nature. At first they ignore symptoms, but at a certain point they take decisive steps against them.


Astromedically, Sagittarius are assigned to the hip and thigh region and the liver. This zodiac sign is susceptible to diseases of the liver, water retention in the body, coxarthrosis or wear and tear or stiffening of the hip joints.

In addition, the Sagittarius is prone to lung diseases such as pulmonary oedema, or an acute pneumothorax.

A speciality of this zodiac sign is to suppress weaknesses and diseases. For this reason, Sagittarius often suffer from sleep disorders.

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