I’ve started training from scratch in the gym, and that’s how I’m organizing my routine

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I’ve started training from scratch in the gym, and that’s how I’m organizing my routine

However, since I have been working in Vitónica with colleagues and experts in sports and, also, working eight hours in a sedentary way, my interest and concern for my level of physical activity have been increasing in a very important way.

That is why, for about two months ago, I have started to go to the gym more stable and completely from scratch. If you have just started to go to the gym it is possible that you have felt lost without knowing what to do. This is how I am organizing my routine.

Start with the simple and appropriate to my characteristics

One of the mistakes that I have often made on other occasions has been not to inform myself well, not follow a routine and want to cover more than I could. Therefore, on this occasion, the first step has been to be aware of my physical condition, my knowledge and my needs.

Therefore, in the first weeks, I started with easy exercises and conditioning, so they will help me learn to know the basic exercises and do them correctly, without risking injury.

For this, I have made a lot of use of my companions of Vitónica and the articles for beginners that we have, like this article in which we teach exercises like the bench press, the dominated, the military press, row with bar, squats and deadlifts.

Create my own routine

One of the most basic things that I have been aware of needing to maintain motivation, has been to have a routine. And, when I went to the gym without knowing what I was going to do that day, I ended up spinning around, feeling lost and feeling that I had not made any progress.

Therefore, this time I wanted to develop a personal routine. At first, and given that at the time I went to the gym did not match any monitor, I tried to program myself my own routines.

To achieve this, again, I have made use of the Vitonic articles and the many different routines, many of them specific for beginners. Among them, I used this strength routine for beginners that gives priority to simple exercises that I had already learned to use and that also gives us a weekly routine.

During the last months, in addition, we have been sharing different gym routines ideal for beginners and novices and I, personally, have come exceptionally well.

To begin with, I started with a three-day routine at the gym. In this routine, I had marked what muscle group I should train every day and with what specific exercises to achieve it, as well as clear videos that taught me how to do it. One of the things that I found when following this routine was that there were exercises that I did not know how to do or that I simply could not do. In addition to that, in some cases, my gym did not have the right material.

Therefore, I increased the exercises to be performed by adopting those included in routine six-day workouts, routines five days, and in other specific routines for beginners. In this way I was able to have enough material for my training, focusing on exercises for which I had the right material and which, moreover, I was able to do.

Given my physical state this, generally, has meant focusing on exercises performed with machines. In addition, following these routines has informed me of the importance of pre-heating, so I have done some warm-up routines, as well as some post-workout stretches.

Ask for help from professionals

One of the things that I was absurdly embarrassed about going to the gym was having to ask for help and admit that I did not know what I was doing. However, this happens to anyone when we are new to something and we are learning.

Therefore, the first step for me was to ask for help from my fellow experts in training and sports. If we have a professional who has training knowledge around us, it can be very useful to consult him or to accompany him to the gym.

In any case, the monitors of our gyms are for that. In my case, I train very early and I do not agree with monitors. However, consulting in my gym told me that I could go out of my schedule without a problem and they would perform a personal routine or answer any of my questions.

It is possible that, if you ask in your gyms, you have similar options or some way to get a monitor to inform you properly, give you guidelines or teach you the proper functioning of each machine.

Supplement with healthy eating

In addition to starting a new routine of physical activity in the gym, accompanying it with a healthy diet, suitable for our new lifestyle and our level of physical activity is really important. Not only because we will see much sooner the results of our physical activity, but because our health will notice and our body will be much better prepared for the exercise.

Even those of us who work in the health, science and sports media, with all the information and knowledge at our disposal, sometimes need the help of professionals who guide us, focus us, make us see our life and food in an objective manner and make us reinforce.

Therefore, I go to the consultation of a nutritionist who is helping me to complement the current physical activity, to avoid shortages and, in addition, to improve my body composition in a healthier way.

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