Some tips for practicing sports in summer safely, do not let the heat stop you!

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Some tips for practicing sports in summer safely, do not let the heat stop you!

But despite the heat, we can not remain inactive, and therefore it is necessary to continue practising sports in the summer months. For this occasion, we want to give you some tips that will help us to prevent the heat from affecting our performance and, above all, our health.

In summer it is important that we be careful when practising outdoor sports. Taking precautions will make things easier for us

The heatstroke is something that can happen if you spend much time in the sun without a care. In fact, many of them can end up hurting our health and triggering a series of damages in the organism. That is why it is important that we prevent them.

Children and adolescents and the elderly are the most likely to be affected by heat. But it is not enough just to do sports outdoors in sunny hours since a heat stroke can appear simply by putting us to sunbathe in full sun. If in addition, we do it while we are in movement, the risk increases.

The excessive sweating and lack of hydration can happen bill if we are not careful about it. For this reason, it is essential that we take into account some advice. When it gets hotter in summer, the sweating increases. There is the problem, in that we must replace the lost liquid and avoid losing more than necessary without need.

Knowing how to choose the best time of day to do sports

First of all, it is important that we do not forget that temperature is important when it comes to sports. The heat, as we said before, in addition to increased sweating, makes our performance much lower. That’s why it’s important to avoid the hottest times of the day.

The right time of day to play sports is sunset and sunrise, and therefore we must always choose well

At this time of year, the best time to practice sports is at dawn or dusk. In the moments when the son falls is the best time to go out to play sports. The heat decreases and the risk does it at the same time. We should never do it during peak hours, that is, at noon, which is when the sun is higher and the risk is higher.

If we have no choice but to practice sports at noon, it is best to do it indoors. Take a hand in an air-conditioned centre and in the shade, it will be the best idea to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Caring for hydration, which is essential to cope with the heat

Second, it is important that we take care of hydration. Hydrate is not only drunk fluids when we are thirsty, but it consists of maintaining adequate levels of fluids in the body so that the operation of this is appropriate. That is why it is necessary that we constantly drink the liquid.

In summer, with the heat, this gesture should increase, since the loss of liquids is greater due to sweating. Sweating is a mechanism that the body has to control the internal temperature. But through sweat, we lose liquids and mineral salts that need to be replaced so that the body maintains a balance and does not harm health.

Maintaining good hydration is essential to get in the full condition when doing outdoor sports in summer

In addition, if we play sports, the increase of sweat will be considerable and therefore it is necessary that we always have at hand a bottle of water that can be used, to be constantly hydrating and able to cope with the loss of mineral salts. Another alternative may be to use isotonic drinks, with which we will replenish more minerals than with simple water.

The importance of choosing a suitable place to practice sport in summer

In third place, we are going to stop in an important aspect when practising sports this time of the year. It is the place where we are going to carry it out. Sometimes we usually go to the same place always, but maybe when the heat squeezes, this is not the best for what we are going to do.

Going out to play outdoor sports in forests or parks will help us achieve better results

Decanting us through forests or areas with vegetation is the best alternative. Being open is essential, since the concentration of heat is lower, and also, the vegetation will absorb the heat generated in other asphalt or cement environments. Do not forget that a plant environment will motivate us to train with a better mood and disposition.

If we can do it, it is always advisable to go out to practice sports in an open field. Doing it in the countryside outside of the city will help us to be in a cooler and healthier environment for sports.

The importance of choosing a correct outfit for sports in summer

The clothing that we will wear when it comes to sports in summer is essential. It is always something to keep in mind since it intervenes directly in performance and performance when practising any activity. In summer, if we add the high temperatures, it is something that we should consider more than ever.

We must always wear clothes of technical fabric that allows us to perspire the skin and not accumulate the sweat that is released from the body. If we use cotton or linen garments instead, the sweat will accumulate and end up making the performance less. In addition to getting that we can even feel cold when wearing wet clothes.

The right clothes for sports should keep us dry and ventilated to improve performance

Decanting for short garments is always one of the best options. Along with this, footwear is important. There are special shoes for summer that are provided with ventilation so that the feet do not accumulate too much sweat. If sweat accumulates on the foot, we can develop fungi that will end up bothering us in sports performance.

Protecting our body in different ways is essential for practising outdoor sport in summer

The protection of certain parts of the body when practising outdoor sports in summer is the fifth point in which we are going to stop. The head is a part that remains exposed to the sun, and therefore it is important that we cover it. We have at our disposal different alternatives such as wearing a hat or a scarf.

The cap we are going to use in this case should cover part of the face, and of course the head. Use, as in clothing, technical fabrics that allow perspiration is essential. In fact, there are hats and handkerchiefs designed and intended for this purpose in the summer months.

Wear a hat to protect the head, sunscreen and sunglasses to avoid letting the sun affect us

Part of the skin will also be uncovered when wearing short clothes. This skin can be affected by the sun. For this reason, it is necessary that we use a sunscreen with a total screen that protects us from solar radiation, preventing them from affecting the health of the skin. It is important that the protector that we apply is resistant to sweat, to avoid that when doing sports it loses its effect.

Cover your eyes with sunglasses, to be able to be polarized, to protect us from solar radiation and its effects on vision, is something that we can not forget when going out to practice sports outdoors in summer. This will not interfere with our performance, but it will interfere with eye health in general.

Food can also affect when playing sports in summer

Food is another point that we must take into account when practising outdoor sports in summer. The heat causes our temperature to rise, so it is not recommended that we eat foods that are difficult to digest before going out to play sports, as they will slow the digestion and make our body not respond in the best way.

Eating well is essential when it comes to achieving good sports performance. When going out in the sun we must take care of it even more

It is always better to opt for foods rich in liquids and low in fat and sugar. Vegetables such as cucumber, pepper, zucchini, spinach, green beans … These are some of the examples we want to give you like healthy foods. In the plane of the fruits, we will emphasize the watermelon and the melon like very indicated in this epoch by its high moisturizing power.

Put aside fatty foods, especially fatty, processed meats … It’s something we should not forget. In this way, what we will achieve will be to improve the digestions and with this to achieve a better general state without feeling sorry. This well-being will end up translating into greater sports performance.

It is true that each of us then has a range of possibilities to go out to practice outdoors. Therefore we invite you to tell us your tricks in the comments section of this post. We have only wanted to stop in some of the most important and outstanding that we must never forget when in summer we throw ourselves to do sport in the street.

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