The Best Puzzle Games For iOS and Android

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The Best Puzzle Games For iOS and Android

As we all know, people like to put their knowledge to the test in a playful way and puzzle games allow us these little moments of happiness for in between, when we have cracked a difficult head nut or answered a tricky quiz question correctly. Especially in mobile games there are now countless apps that challenge your brain and we show you in our picture gallery the best puzzle games, word games, brain games and quizzes that you must have played.

Quiz shows have become an integral part of television and whether young or old, everyone wants to test their knowledge or solve puzzles. Especially in mobile games the trend of quizzes has continued successfully and hundreds of apps want to be downloaded and played by you. With the whole jumble of puzzle games, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on, which is why we only want to present you the best brain teasers that will make your head spin.

The Best Puzzle Games for the Road

In our picture gallery we want to present you the best puzzle games for Android and iOS, which you can download for free from the App Store or Play Store. The puzzles come in all colors and shapes and some of them have their very own rules. The following variations are available here:

Puzzle Games

You are confronted with a problem and have to find a solution through logical conclusions.

Here’s the example of puzzle game:

Word Games

A rich vocabulary is the key to success in this type of games. You have to form words or arrange them correctly.

Thinking games

Number games like Sudoku or picture puzzles demand a lot of brain power from you and you always have to think a few steps ahead.

Quiz games

Do you have a high level of general knowledge or are you technical idiots? No problem, with quiz games everyone will find the right mobile game for his or her field. You can even compete against other players in real time.

In our picture gallery we only give you recommendations for puzzle games that are already extremely successful, have been downloaded often or have a very good rating. If you have special recommendations for good puzzles, please write them in the comments and we will expand the picture gallery accordingly.

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