# Victorian Challenge: seven exercises for the core that help you to be a better runner

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# Victorian Challenge: seven exercises for the core that help you to be a better runner

When running, the musculature of our core ( the internal and external muscles of the central area of ​​our body ) is responsible for us to have a good posture; this is something that will benefit us in the long term, since it will allow us to be more efficient runners and save energy, in addition to preventing some injuries.

This week we will dedicate it to core training through seven different exercises: we will teach you one each day so that at the end of the week you can join them and have a complete training routine.

As always, we remind you that you can follow our weekly challenges through our Instagram profile, where we will mark the challenge posts with the hashtag #RetoVitónica. Also there you can find tips to perform the exercises and how to make them simpler or more intense depending on your level.

Seven exercises for the core of the runners

  • Plank or frontal plate: a classic with which we put to work the internal musculature of our middle zone. We can do it on the forearms or on the hands, and better in short series of between 10 and 20 seconds, although we make a greater number of series with rest between them.
  • Plank or side plate: to work on the oblique area, we can make lateral plates. As in the previous case, we can rest on the forearm or on the hand (be careful with the wrists, which we must mobilize well beforehand).
  • Climbers or mountain climbers: to give a little movement to our plates, climbers are a good option. In the plank position, we bring our knees alternately towards the chest, replicating the stroke gesture.
  • Superman in quadruped: a simple and safe movement in which we must make sure to keep the spine elongated. We can only raise one arm, only one leg, or raise at the same time the opposite arm and leg.
  • Pike with fitball: more intense than the previous ones, to perform this exercise we will need a fitball. We put ourselves in front plate position with the guys leaning on the fitball, and we bring our hips towards the ceiling to form an inverted V.
  • Glute bridge: the lumbar and gluteal muscles are also part of our core. To work it, glute bridge is one of the most effective movements. Make sure to carry the weight on the heels and on the shoulder girdle (not on the neck) and push the hip towards the ceiling.
  • Dead bug: a classic movement of the Pilates sessions with which we work on the coordination and internal musculature of the middle area. We begin by moving only arms, then only the legs to end up joining opposite leg and arm.

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