Women’s sportswear: how to choose the best sports outfits

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Women’s sportswear: how to choose the best sports outfits

Women’s sportswear, comfort and style

Too often we have given up on comfortable clothes, because sportswear does not go hand in hand with the fashion of the moment. But now we can breathe a sigh of relief and put on all those sports clothes that we thought would make us look bad. Beach volleyball sand socks can be also useful.

Today we’re talking about the sporty winter trend, which plays on comfortable but still stylish looks. A comfort to wear in the gym, in everyday life or during a trip to visit all the places without getting tired.

And, then, we want to start with the best women’s sportswear suitable for you?

Sports outfits, the winter trend

For a woman’s sportswear that knows how to enhance the most beautiful parts of our body, without forgetting comfort and convenience, we need a neutral color. Let’s start, then, from the colors to put on different occasions of the day. We are talking about sports outfits, but we could also call it street style, because in the end, you know, it is simplicity that makes us glam. Gigi Hadid, for example, is often photographed in sportswear, usually with leggings and sweatshirt. She prefers neutral colors, but pastel seems to inspire her particularly. And, in fact, we often find her in overalls, with sneakers and the classic shopper bag that gives the touch of femininity.

Sportwear is recognized and accepted on the fashion catwalks. Especially for this lucky winter, in which we can match tracksuit pants with studded leather jackets, like Cara Delevigne. And how not to mention Gigi’s sister, Bella Hadid, who casually wears the tracksuit jacket over jeans and white T-shirt. Not missing, of course, the touch of style: a pink bag with blue handle and plush.

Technically it’s called athleisure, i.e. sports and fitness clothes for leisure or casual days. The sporty style should be worn with skirts and sneakers, with a total black, with cropped pants. Black never goes out, so if you don’t want to go overboard in bright suits, plush and micro tops, then wear a total black sporty woman’s suit. Obviously with black the long camel colored jacket is the top. Play with matches!

Sporty women and gym outfits

The roses of the blue sport are many and all full of that determination that allows them to achieve their successes. 2018 could only open up better, with a wide choice of overalls and sweatshirts, to be adopted in all styles, from grunge to classic. Ideal to carry on our dreams and reach the top.

How and where to buy women’s sportswear?

How and where to buy sportswear for women who love sports or casual style is no longer a problem. So before talking about the outfits of our best Italian athletes we would like to give you some advice.

Today even the great brands of the past have affordable prices thanks to the practice of selling at outlet prices of the old collections. It is well known that the old collections of the great brands like Adidas or Nike will sooner or later return to fashion. So with a really contained badget you can buy quality clothing and always be fashionable even when you go to the gym, not only during your free time.

With the same badges, however, you also have the opportunity to turn to the made in Italy. In this case there are several brands that have made the history of sportswear in Italy. Think of brands like Zeusport, Errea, or Legea. The characteristic that binds the Italian brands is to keep in balance the quality-price ratio. This company policy remains so even in relation to new collections. The Advantage? You will wear women’s sportswear that respects the latest fashion trends, but at reasonable prices. Obviously you cannot buy directly from these brands unless you have a sports club. But there are a lot of online stores selling these brands among these we point out: Dadasportweb that practices the best prices for Italian brands or Calcioshop where you can find the outlet collections of the big brands at low prices.

For each build corresponds the perfect sportswear for women. Discover yours.

Federica Pellegrini is the first one we will mention. We all know her for her career as an Olympic swimmer. Winner of numerous world titles, over the years she has conquered audiences and records. Her physique is tall and slender, with wide shoulders, typical of the swimmer. Tight-fitting leggings and oversize jersey are the classic combination to wear when going to the gym or before entering the pool.

Valentina Vezzali, former Italian fencer. She is also known for her Olympic and World Cup victories. Petite and agile, her physique is suitable for cropped pants, laminated bomber jackets and sneakers. Why not stay comfortable and face everyday life with more charge?

In short, whatever your physique, sports outfits are the best solution to enhance your shape. Take inspiration from athletes and supermodels, but above all, let your creativity run wild with the most suitable pairings for you.

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