Your weekly diet with Vitónica: fresh menu with recipes without oven, ideal for summer

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Your weekly diet with Vitónica: fresh menu with recipes without oven, ideal for summer

Fresh menu for which you will not need an oven

To cope with the heat and not neglect the diet without, on the contrary, refresh and hydrate with what we consume, it is best to go to dishes that require no oven and very little or no cooking.

In this way, we also avoid that the environmental temperature rises due to the use of the oven and our body will appreciate it.

Dishes filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables, rich in water, with pot vegetables or cereals that are cooked in minutes over the fire or in the microwave but with no need to light the oven are good options to take to our table these days. For this reason, we have prepared very fresh weekly men considering the aforementioned.



BREAKFAST Bowl of milk with oats, sliced ​​banana and sunflower seeds.
MIDMORNING Papaya boats with yoghurt and cherries.
FOOD Chickpea salad with corn and avocado. Nectarine.
SNACK A glass of milk with half a sandwich of wholemeal bread with avocado and tomato.
DINNER Cod with steam potatoes in the microwave. Cantaloupe.



BREAKFAST Smoothie bowl of mango and banana with seeds and red berries.
MIDMORNING Half sandwich of wholemeal bread with fresh cheese, tomato and green leaves.
FOOD Zucchini sandwich. Apricot.
SNACK Milk and peach milkshake.
DINNER Wraps or tacos of lettuce with sautéed veal. Apple.



BREAKFAST Smoothie bowl of strawberries, banana and fresh cheese with oats.
MIDMORNING Easy banana ice cream.
FOOD Chicken salad with chickpeas and cherry. Peach
SNACK A glass of milk with whole wheat toast with olive oil and tomato.
DINNER Mediterranean salad in a glass. Watermelon



BREAKFAST Glasses of mango, yoghurt and chia seeds.
MIDMORNING Orange juice and toast with peanut butter.
FOOD Grilled turbot with potatoes. Banana
SNACK Milkshake and apricots with flax seeds.
DINNER Salad of watermelon mozzarella and anchovies. Plums



BREAKFAST A glass of milk with energetic bars of orejones.
MIDMORNING Tea or coffee with toasted bread with fresh cheese.
FOOD Grilled turkey breast fillet with chickpea salad with corn and avocado. Nectarine
SNACK Milkshake with cherries and banana.
DINNER Fish salad in lettuce tacos. Cantaloupe.



BREAKFAST Orange juice and whole wheat bread with fresh cheese.
MIDMORNING Oatmeal and dried fruit bars.
FOOD A crunchy salad of red lentils. Apricots
SNACK Bowl of milk with fresh cherries, oats and sunflower seeds.
DINNER Avocado Salmorejo and eggplant rolls stuffed with tomato, cheese and cabbage. Watermelon



BREAKFAST Milk bowl with oats, peach pieces, raisins and flax seeds.
MIDMORNING Green smoothie
FOOD Tuna Pita. Banana.
SNACK Tea or coffee with toast with fresh cheese.
DINNER Chicken and avocado salad. Plums

We already see that there are many possibilities to enjoy the summer without suffering the heat, eating healthy and solving the weekly menu without having to light the oven.

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